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Mountain Cremation Society is operated under a Funeral Establishment License and adheres to all laws and guidelines in the State of West Virginia.  We assist families in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and other states as needed.  We are locally owned and operated, with six convenient locations with our own on-site crematory; we never outsource.
Elderly couple walking in forest

With today’s changing times, many families are now choosing cremation over traditional burials.  There are many reasons for this trend, however, cost is certainly one of the leading factors.  Cremation allows the same funeral services as traditional burials.  The purpose of a funeral is truly to help the family begin the healing process of their loss.

Just because you choose cremation, does not mean that you cannot have a funeral.  Mountain Cremation Society has many funeral options from which to choose.  Our trained professional staff can help you make the best choices to fit your individual needs.

Our many cremation service options include; Direct Cremation, Cremation with Memorial Services, Cremation with Slumber Bed, and Traditional Funeral Services with Cremation including Casket Purchase or Rental.

Please call, email, or stop by one of our locations to speak to our counselors about becoming a member of Mountain Cremation Society.